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Behaviour Consultations

These are for dogs that have significant behavioural issues that cannot be addressed in the short time allocated for one to one training without having several visits, which make them prohibitively expensive. So these are usually a session lasting three-four hours plus one one hour follow up visit. It will cover all and any training or behavioural issues that the dog has.

It will also look at things like the dogs exercise regime and diet, as these too can affect behaviour.

There will normally be some practical training done to ensure that the dog is more responsive to you even before I leave your house. I then take all of this information away with me, and write you a training program that covers all of the issues that we discussed, so that you have it with you to refer back to whenever necessary.

You can then contact me on at least a weekly basis on the issues that we covered for as long as you need to, which is included in the price, to keep me updated so that the program runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Typical behavioural issues I am asked to help with include:

  • Fear of loud or strange noises                       

  • Separation related issues

  • Aggression/Reactivity towards other dogs    

  • Aggression/Reactivity towards people

  • Dogs with a high chase drive.                       

  • Inappropriate and/or excessive barking.