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Pre-Puppy and Pre-Day Visits

A pre-puppy visit will help you be prepared for your new arrival.

This 121 two hour session will help answer any questions you have regarding:

  • Sleep and toilet training

  • Feeding

  • Play

  • Crate training (If thats something you would like)

  • What to do in the first few weeks

  • Managing play biting

  • Socialisation and habituation...and much more!

We will also cover:


  • Dealing with the car journey home from the breeder

  • Dealing with the first Day, Night, Week

  • Managing the kid(s)/dog relationship safely

  • Toys & Play

  • Cleaning & grooming products

  • First visit to the Vet

  • Neutering advice

  • Diet

  • The breed traits and how it affects you