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I have relied on Magda now for several weeks to help me out with my energetic labrador. Not satisfied with a single walk in the evening when I return home from work, Magda has helped us reduce destructive behavior due to boredom by providing our lab with a daily walk.

Of course her happiness to us is everything, but her destructive behavior was also causing us stress and upset upon returning home in the evening. Magda has been providing her with a daily walk for two weeks now and the difference is amazing! She’s obviously knackered when she returns home after her walk as from what I can tell she just sleeps all afternoon. It’s brilliant that she’s getting such a good run around every day and doesn’t have to wait until we return from work.

Magda is reliable, friendly and obviously is very well educated and informed when it comes to dogs. She’s even given us some tips to help with a couple of behavioral issues – just with chewing at home and ideas to help with boredom. I know Magda does only work with friendly and well trained dogs, so it’s a relief to know that ours is in the company of other friendly dogs, it’s brilliant for socialisation for her.

We’ve had such a great experience so far that we’ve actually asked Magda to dog sit for us in a couple of weeks time when we will be attending a family wedding. I’m so pleased we found Magda, our dog is much happier, which makes us happier too!

Lucy, owner of 2-year-old lab Oscar

"We first started using Magda back in October 2017, when we got an 8 week old fox red labrador that needed some company, as I was working two mornings a week.  She came in for 30mins twice a week & weather permitting, would take Chester into the garden & play with him.  She would also carry on any training that we had been doing with him which was very useful.  This continued until Chester was 6mths old & she now comes for 1hour twice a week & takes Chester for a walk.  She still continues with his training & has helped us with things such as jumping up, taking things he shouldn't (shoes) & barking.  Magda has clearly studied very hard on animal behaviour & is very good at putting it into practice.  Magda is always very pleasant, very reliable & clearly loves animals.  I would definitely recommend Magda."

Lynne Biggin

“Magda knows her stuff. She has been a huge help with training Darcie. She had some behavioural issues, but we were able to work through them together and we couldn’t be happier. Magda truly understands different behavioural issues and their triggers. I highly recommend her.”

Mike Green

Magda Moroz attended my Dog Training Instructor course in 2017. Right from the start I observed her natural affinity with the dogs, and an obvious empathy with the owners. She has a strong desire to help them work well together to achieve. She has continued her study into canine behaviour, and is more than able to assist owners with dogs with behavioural issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for training and/or behavioural work.

Robert Alleyne, Canine Behavioural Trainer.

Magda has been walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback Zara since September 2017 when I enrolled into college.  She is a timid and loyal dog who often refused to walk with anyone other than me (which includes refusing to walk with my teenage children).  Zara was known to refuse to get into a strangers car so I was prepared for Magda to struggle to connect with Zara.  From the very first meeting it was abundantly clear that Magda’s connection with dogs was special.  Zara’s welfare is absolutely at the forefront of Magda’s priorities.  As a result their friendship has grown and I felt very at ease when my family and I went away on holiday leaving Magda and her family to take Zara into their home.  Zara had not fretted at our separation, had not lost weight and for the first time was in the same condition as I had left her.  I would not hesitate in recommending Magda for training, walking or caring for your dog.  Sibe Watson (owner of Zara, Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Sibe Watson